Fashion Made in Zanzibar inspired by all things beautiful. Zanzibar, being home to Doreen Mashika and the heart of her inspiration – which, with its cross-winds and old-colonial trading routes – has for centuries been a cosmopolitan and multi-cultural melting pot. It is precisely this essence of combined flavors and hues of colours found in the khanga cotton print, that the design of each look melds beautifully with Swahili traditions.

Mashika uses traditional skills available in an innovative way by promoting them into contemporary fashion. At the same time, big patterns with intricate detailing will catch your attention, khanga slogans which traditionally have been used to convey messages are a unique feature on the garments. For those who know Africa, it will bring back memories of happy women strolling on the swahili coast of Zanzibar.
Each garment has been handworked involving woven pieces that demand 4-6 hours of weaving. The shapes embrace todays interpretation of feminine style resulting into a unique mix of contemporary styling and quality with traditional Khanga material, making each piece intriguingly unique.

The looks are perfect for any woman who appreciates the taste and craft of African fashion which enhances their individual style.

In short, this collection embraces Zanzibari identity to result in a look that is fresh!