Doreen Mashika Zanzibar partners with women’s groups in local villages and Stone town, who make the goods largely by hand, using traditional African workmanship techniques.

Fair pay is just the beginning: “I visit the villages, so I can meet my crafters and purposely and painstakingly build a relationship that cultivates high levels of mutual appreciation, respect and trust”.

Getting in touch with their unabated reality, and valuable traditions, inspired her into shedding some light on these traditional patterns, and authentic fabrics that tell a story.

That’s what determined her to return to Tanzania after her studies, and settle in Zanzibar to make a living out of the passion that drove her spirit the most.

Being home, makes her truly happy. By making a fashion design statement about this cultural heritage, in the sheer purpose of letting everyone cherish the beauty of it, has managed to bridge the gap of understanding a big part of Zanzibar’s culture.